Monday, December 19, 2011

An Apple a Day...

Christmas is less than a week away, and no one is more excited than Ian's grandmother, my mother. She decided to get Ian an iPad for Christmas, and no amount of reasoning would change her mind. She has one herself and Ian just loves playing with it, so she could not resist getting him one of his own -- both to benefit him and to get his grubby, little hands off hers! I personally think a three year-old having a $600 electronic device is crazy, but I'm not in the business of telling my mother how to spend her money. She bought the iPad before Thanksgiving already, so she's been bursting at the seams waiting for Christmas ever since.

While Ian's main attraction to the iPad is the fun games (he is a true Angry Bird prodigy, I think), I am looking forward to all the learning apps we can use to help him not only learn letters, numbers, etc., but also boost his fine motor skills. Ian has trouble handling a spoon and fork well, and usually resorts to eating with his hands, so if he can work on his hand strength and coordination with his iPad, then it will be worth it. We're also looking into a program called Proloquo2Go, which is a touch-to-talk app that would help Ian to communicate what he cannot sign. To keep him from going overboard with it, we plan to have him earn his time on it by displaying good behavior, namely not hitting and not throwing temper tantrums.

I know Ian will be so happy and excited to open that iPad on Christmas day. Justin and I purposely didn't get him many other presents because we know he will be disinterested in all other presents once the iPad arrives -- and we can hardly blame him! Hopefully it proves to be a helpful tool in his development, and not just an expensive Angry Bird player!

If anyone else uses an iPad with their child (special needs or not), I'd love to hear about your experience and apps you like!

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