Saturday, February 25, 2012

Speech Therapy Medicaid Denial: Part Two

See also: Speech Therapy Medicaid Denial: Part One

The verdict is in! I'd been stalking the mailman all month, and yesterday the verdict was finally in the mail. Basically, we didn't win, but we also didn't lose. The judge refuted the state's claim that Ian did not medically qualify for the private speech therapy sessions, but did not grant us the full amount of sessions the PA was requesting. The PA requested 26 visits and the judge granted 13. After reading the multi-page decision I didn't feel good, but I also didn't feel bad. It was very anticlimactic.

The next step now is to beg our private insurance company to cover the rest of the therapy sessions that state will not. I've already got the list of information to submit to petition them for the coverage. Fingers crossed.

Then, repeat the whole process again with physical therapy, which has also been denied. Sigh.

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