Sunday, March 18, 2012

6 Things Parents Want You to Know About Our SB Kids

One day, out of curiosity, I posted a question on a spina bifida page I'm part of asking what parents wanted others in society to know about their kids. These are the responses I received, including one I wrote myself, of course:
  1. You can let your child play/talk to my child. He won’t break and it’s okay to ask questions. Ushering your child away when they approach my child only teaches your child that kids like mine aren’t people to be friends or playmates with. Plus, it’s hurtful to my child.  – Nicole, mom to Ian
  2. People don't need to say they are sorry my child has a disability. I want them to understand that my child is amazing and perfect, and not someone to be pitied.  – Jamie Lynn Veprek, mom to Madi.
  3. I wish people would understand that he is a person just like everyone else, has feelings, and is just as capable to do things. Even if he does them slightly different.  -- Kirby Winward, mom to Tanner. www.raynstarwinward.blogsp​
  4. Please don’t ask very personal questions about my child in front of them. They can hear you and they understand you.  – Jamie Lynn Veprek and Star Kirby Winward collaboration
  5. Their life is worth living. They are happy and just as valuable to society as all other people.  -- Dawn North James, mom to Elijah
  6. Perhaps one thing people need to know is to watch their toes because Trevor is rolling in!  -- Dave Conklin, dad to Trevor
So, there it is world!

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  1. Truer words have never been said. I have told parents who's children ask questions about me, to let them ask. So, they can learn and understand me and be comfortable with me and my challenges.