Sunday, March 4, 2012

Boy on a...Bowl!

This past week we finally got a snowfall that stuck around for more than 12 hours. On Saturday, we took Ian sledding around our yard. He can still fit in the 12-18 month size snow pants and boots that we got him more than two years ago. He’s a real money-saver in that regard. We put him in an infant sled (the kind that has a rounded backrest and a seatbelt) and pulled him around in the fresh snow. He liked it a lot, until he dumped out of the sled and went head first into the snow. Then, he liked it just OK. He really started having fun once Justin started making snowballs and throwing them at the basketball hoop. He loved the “thunk” sound they made as they hit against the backboard. And the explosions, oh!, the explosions! The explosions of snow when they hit was just gut-busting to him! Hearing him laugh hysterically about a snowball hitting a basketball backboard made my day; he gets such pleasure out of such simple things.

Today we took Ian bowling for the first time. One of my good friends told me about a bowling alley in our town that has ramps for little kids to use to roll the ball down the lane. She thought it would be perfect for Ian to use from his wheelchair, so we reserved a lane and all went this afternoon. Ian loves Wii bowling, so we were pretty sure he’d like the real thing. It combines two of his favorite things: balls and things getting knocked down. He watched both Justin and I take our turns, and then we pulled the ramp up to the lane for his turn. He eagerly wheeled up to the side of the ramp and pushed the ball down when we told him to. Each time the ball hit the pins he would pump his arms up and down triumphantly! (See his cute little video here) He got a couple of strikes and even beat his own mom both games! Afterward, he was tuckered out, but proud of himself for bowling like the rest of us. I was so proud of him; I love seeing him get to try new things and really enjoy them. Some days it’s hard not to think about all the things spina bifida and his wheelchair could hold him back from being able to do. Having days like today when he can participate and have a lot of fun make those other days a bit easier.

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