Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Potty Time!

Today brought another fun-filled day at spina bifida clinic for Ian. By some miracle, I was able to get my husband, Ian, and 11 month old daughter to the hospital clinic building by 7:45am for Ian's renal ultrasound and x-rays. I think we were all still half asleep, but we were half asleep in radiology on time!

The clinic day was successful, by clinic standards. What I'm really happy about though is the progress we're on the cusp of making in the urology department. Since Ian was two years old, I've been asking his urologist when we can start potty training with him. The answer has always been that he isn't ready and we have to get his bladder schedule under control before we starting thinking about potty training. Today was different. Today, I went into clinic prepared to hear those words again, but to tell the urologist that I was going to potty train him anyway. Ian's bladder doesn't contract properly to let him empty himself, so Justin or I use a catheter to empty his bladder four times a day. "Potty training" for Ian basically means he would cath sitting up on the toilet instead of laying down in a diaper. I think he's ready, with the right seat, of course. He needs a potty seat with lots of support so he doesn't fall off. I questioned other SB moms to find out what worked for their kids and found out about a seat that looked perfect for Ian. I took that information to clinic today, prepared to battle for the right to potty train. And...his urologist said it was a great idea and wrote up an order for the seat I had requested. No problem.

I can't wait to get the seat and get Ian started on it. Until it comes, I plan to work on getting Ian excited about using the potty. I see some potty-related story time in our future!

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