Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Last week was spring break for Ian, and though the weather wasn't nice enough to do some of things I'd planned (the zoo, parks), we still had a pretty nice time playing at home and doing indoor activities. With the help of one of my friends, I took the kids to a pizza buffet/arcade-type place, which was a first for Ian. I was worried that the noise and lights of the arcade would give him sensory overload, but after he got used to it he was fine. He has a skee ball game on his iPad, so that was the game he was most excited about when we entered the arcade. The ball was too heavy for him to throw all the way up the ramp, but he had fun throwing it and having it roll back down to him. He also tried mini bowling and arcade-style Mario Kart, to name a few. He sat on my lap and I did the petals and he did the steering. He loved it until the steering wheel vibrated -- that really surprised him and he snapped his hands off the wheel and wouldn't drive anymore. At the end we had enough tickets for a little ball with SpongeBob on it, so he was really happy with that. It was a good day and I was glad to get him out of the house and trying something new. He even ate pretty well at lunch (but probably only because I was holding skee ball over his head)!

Ian and I playing Mario Kart in the arcade

In other news, the judge's decision about Ian's out-patient PT visits came over the weekend...our appeal was dismissed, so now Ian's PT visits are officially cut in half (down to twice a month) by the state. It was disappointing, of course, but now we will appeal to our private insurance to cover it, and hopefully they will. At least it is near the end of the school year; over the summer he will probably be approved for once a week therapy because he will not be getting any from the school district.

Speaking of insurance, we now have Ian's toilet seat ordered and are waiting on approval from insurance. I'm hoping to get it by the time school ends so that we can spend the summer getting used to it and into a routine. Cathing on the toilet is the first step on the road to getting Ian out of diapers and helping him to be independent in the bathroom -- it's a road I am eager to get started down!

This week, Ian is happy to be back in school and I am happy to be back into our normal routine.

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