Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Great Fall

Today Ian experienced another first that I had been dreading. While at school, Ian went down a ramp on the playground with his wheelchair, caught his front wheel on a wood chip, and flipped forward face-first. Since he's strapped into his wheelchair, it followed and sat on top of him. The school called me and I rushed to the health room to get him. He had a fat lip, road rash on his face, and also a bloody nose that they'd managed to stop by that point. I felt terrible for him, as did all his teachers and therapists that were waiting with him when I got there. The lady in the health room gave me the accident report and recommended I call Ian's pediatrician to see if she'd like to see him because he suffered a head injury.

The aftermath

Once home, I called the pediatrician's office and spoke with the nurse. I told her what had happened to Ian, and at first she didn't seem too concerned by it. Just your typical playground fall. Then she pulled him up in the computer system and saw he had spina bifida and a VP shunt in his brain. Then everything was different. "Take him to the emergency room at Children's Hospital" she said.

Cut to: me and Ian sitting in the emergency room waiting area at the children's hospital where he goes to spina bifida clinic. Justin and Lydia are attempting to park the car. Ian is in okay spirits, watching TV and the other waiting area children. An hour and a half later, we see a doctor. She asks questions while checking Ian over, and determines he has no broken bones in his face, no debris in his scrapes, and isn't having symptoms consistent with a concussion. She gives me some salve to apply to his face, I sign some papers, and we're back out on the street.

By the time we get home, Ian is exhausted. We eat dinner, let him watch 20 minutes of the movie "Cars" (his current favorite), and put him to bed. Part of me wishes I hadn't taken him to the ER because he probably didn't really need to go. The other part of me is glad we went and had his shunt checked, just in case. As for Ian, he'll be better with some rest and plenty of Neosporin. It's going to be fun telling people he was in a bar fight for the next week.

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