Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Fun Begins!

It's official: summer has begun, and with it come many fun things to do that keep our family busy during the day, as well as some nights. This is a recap of the past few weeks, which while very busy, were also very fun.

Ian turned 4, and the celebration seemed to stretch on for days. He saw one side of our family for lunch and outdoor fun on the Saturday before his birthday, then saw the other side on Sunday, and had a celebration day on his actual birthday with just his nuclear family. It was a gorgeous day, and we took him to a completely handicap accessible playground called Possibility Playground. We had never been there before, mainly because it is 45 minutes from our house, but we thought what better day to try it out than Ian's birthday. It was fantastic: huge, tons to do, and most importantly, completely ramped. Ian was able to go up to the top of the playground and look down from the slide like any other child. He really liked it, and had a flock of admirers around him and his wheelchair most of the time. It will definitely be worth the drive for more trips in the future.

Ian on the top of Possibility Playground
The next week, we headed upstate three and a half hours to a rented cottage with some family friends. We had a good time hiking, going to the beach, having a bonfire, and sharing many meals together. Ian loved going through the woods in his wheelchair (he needed help pushing over the uneven terrain) and throwing rocks into the water at the beach. I wish we could have stayed longer and done more fun things, but it was a nice, relaxing trip with family and friends.

Ian and his sister, dipping their feet in at the beach

The day after we returned from our trip upstate, Ian went to his first day of summer school. With new teachers and classmates to meet, I thought he might be a little overwhelmed at the end of the day. I should have known better; Ian was energetic and excited. He enthusiastically answered "Yeah!" when I asked him if he'd had a good day, and said the same when I asked him if he wanted to go back the next day. He's done with his first week now, and continues to be happy and ready to go back. I'm glad he'll be kept in the swing of the school schedule over the summer, especially since we'll be adding some full school days to his week once fall begins. I'm not looking forward to weening him off his naps this summer!

Our busy week ended with swimming lessons for both kids. This is Ian's third year in Parent/Child lessons, but it was Lydia's first time in a big pool. Both kids did great; sitting on the side and "jumping" in to me, and going down the little slide into the pool. Everyone was ready for bed at the end of the night!

A couple fun summer weeks down, many more to go! We have more fun plans ahead of us; stay tuned!

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