Monday, July 30, 2012

Developing Interests

It's an exciting time in The World of Ian: our family just bought a new Casio keyboard. Justin and I had always planned on piano lessons for Ian, but we didn't think he'd be able to start until he was a bit older. Truth is, the keyboard was something I stumbled upon while browsing Amazon for running earbuds. The price was amazing, so I showed it to Justin and we decided to go for it. The plan was to put it away and save it for when Ian was older and starting piano lessons. Yeah right - we opened it the day after it arrived on our doorstep! Ian was very excited, and happily poked around at the keys for a while before trying to play with his elbows. He's shown a love and aptitude for music since he was a baby, so starting him out with a piano just seemed like a good first step.

Ian enjoying music at a young age :)

I myself started piano lessons when I was around eight - without much success - and it led to joining the percussion section of the school band at 10, which I did all the way though my high school years. I would love for Ian to play a musical instrument, if he wants to, so if he's already showing interest in music, I want to be sure to foster that interest from the start. I asked Ian's OT if she thought piano lessons would be good for him at this point, and she thought it would be great for developing his hand and finger strength and dexterity. I'm so excited to start him down the road of playing music, and I can't wait to see what other things he becomes interested in as he grows! 

Jamming out on the new keyboard.

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  1. Music is superb for development. And for making well rounded, culturally aware people. Music was always there for me when I was having difficult times as a young SB person, Music eventually paved the way for my profession too in broadcasting. And is pleasure and passion. A good start for Ian. Good move introducing him to the keys.