Monday, July 9, 2012

Slowing Down: Vacation Remix!

*Sigh*...vacation is over. Back to reality. Justin goes back to work, Ian goes back to summer school, and I go back to being the shuttle that goes to and from summer school, therapy appointments, doctor visits, and so forth.

Our whole family had a nice vacation relaxing and slowing down. We stayed at a rented house on a nice lake and enjoyed the air conditioning during a Fourth of July heat wave. We were happy to find that the lake was so shallow by the pier that we could put Ian's fold-up camp chair right in and let him sit in the water! He had a great time in the water with his sister and grandpa, and also got to try kayaking and going out in a motor boat.

Ian in the kayak with his grandpa

Before we left for our trip I was lamenting a little over the fact that Ian would miss his weekly activities. Even though it was Fourth of July week he would miss two days of summer school, three therapy sessions, and a swimming lesson during the week we'd be gone. I figured he'd make up for the swimming lesson easily with the lake, but I hated to think of him missing therapy sessions, even for vacation. I briefly considered making the 4+ hour round trip drive to bring him to at least one of his sessions. Once at our destination though, the lake called and the hurriedness of everyday life was soon forgotten. Now that we're starting another busy week, I'm glad Ian - and I - got a week off of everything. We had a lot of fun and made many good memories that I wouldn't trade, even for therapy.

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