Saturday, September 8, 2012


Ready to play!

This morning, Ian played soccer for the first time. He played with other kids - even an actual scrimmage! He scored goals! It was a proud moment for him, and for Justin and me as well.

Ian's teachers told me about the TOPSoccer program when he was in school last year, and once he turned four over the summer he was old enough to play this fall. TOPSoccer brings the fun of soccer to children with disabilities. Besides teaching the game, the program also teaches kids teamwork, self-confidence, and the importance of physical activitiy. Luckily for us, the closest program is only a 15 minute drive from our house, in a local school's gymnasium. The kids have all different abilities - some are in wheelchairs and some are not. Each player is paired up with a volunteer buddy, and the fun begins! The wheelchair kids were allowed to use their hands, and Ian couldn't get enough of throwing the ball into the goal net. After he would make a goal, he would pump his fist in the air and yell, "Yeah!" loud enough for the whole gym to hear!

Ian with his buddy, Willy
I hope getting to participate in the TOPSoccer program will start Ian down the road to enjoying many different sports, and realizing that he can do many physical activities even though he is in a wheelchair. Staying active is just as important for Ian as it is for someone who isn't in a wheelchair - maybe even more important. Only one more year until he is old enough to join the local wheelchair basketball team!

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  1. Go Ian! Start training now for the Parlypics. They need more stars with your spirit!