Friday, December 14, 2012

It's That Time Again

It's coming up fast and I'm dreading it. 

No, not Ian is having surgery next week Wednesday, and like most parents would, I'm dreading, worrying, and losing sleep over it. It's not a major surgery - he shouldn't even need to stay overnight - but it's surgery, nonetheless. It's a minor urological procedure; not urgent, but necessary. 

We've been lucky that until now, Ian hasn't needed surgery in two years. The last time we went through this, he was only two and a half. Now he is four and a half, and a lot more capable of understanding what will happen, and also being scared of it. He recognizes when we go to the hospital, and he knows we're there for him. There's more anxiety and worry on my mind this time around, knowing he'll be scared.

We're planning to talk with him about it the day before the surgery. We'll tell him that we're taking him to the hospital the next day, but that he'll go to sleep and not feel anything. After he wakes up we can go home, hunker down, and watch movies. We'll also be giving him one of his Christmas presents when he wakes up (Santa saw how brave he was and decided to drop one off early), so that will hopefully make the aftermath a little more tolerable. He'll also be getting some visitors in the days afterward, which will make him very happy as well. Hopefully everything will go smoothly and be over quickly.

This will be Ian's fifth surgery since his birth, and they never get any easier. He most likely has a lot more ahead of him, so this is really just a drop in the bucket when you think about it (but I don't really like thinking about it). I know they're never going to get any easier as he gets older, because he will always be my baby and I will never want to see him go through something scary or painful. Sometimes I feel so defeated, like I've sentenced him to this life of surgeries and pain. I try to make it up to him by making all his non-surgery days as awesome as possible. It's my most fervent wish as his mother that he will someday tell me that all the pain and hassle of living with Spina Bifida is worth it, because he has a great life.

So yes, I'm dreading next Wednesday, even though it's not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. I guess it's my job as Ian's mother to dread it. If you happen to have any extra mojo (or whatever) you're not using, I'd appreciate it if you'd send it Ian's way. :)

Ian re-cooperating after his last surgery, 12/14/10 

***Update 12/21/12***

I'm extremely happy to report that Ian's surgery went very well on Wednesday! It was quick, he woke up from anesthesia with out problems, and he recovered very quickly. 

Awake, drinking, and watching "Cars" about an hour after surgery.
After we got home, Ian spent the rest of the day relaxing, watching movies, and playing his new Nintendo DS that Santa brought while he was in surgery. He ate some dinner that night and slept VERY well.

The doctor recommended that Ian stay home from school the rest of the week, which meant that he missed the holiday parties going on at school on Friday. Some of his wonderful teachers came over to the house to visit him and tell him "hello" from all his friends at school. He was so happy and amazed to see them walk in the front door of our house!

Ian getting a visit from his awesome teachers!

The fun didn't end there - after school Ian's best friend, Noah, and his family came over to visit and eat dinner. Noah was happy to catch Ian up on the activities of their 4K class, and they had a great time playing Wii together.

Ian and Noah playing Mario Kart on the Wii.

I'm so relieved that this surgery is over - it feels like we can finally enjoy the holidays now. It seems like all the worry and dread I put into this situation was paid back tenfold by the kindness and concern that others have shown for Ian. 

Knock on wood, Ian won't be having another surgery for a few years. Until then, we'll take it one day at a time.