Thursday, January 31, 2013

Three Little Words Reprise

A little over a year ago, I wrote a post about Ian's slow speech progress. At the time, he said only 3 words. Now, a year later, he has more words than I can keep track of! He's come so far over the past twelve months, thanks mostly to a combination of school, speech therapy, and a little sister entering the picture. I was thinking about all the different things he can say now that he couldn't just last year, and what motivators were in place to make him say a particular word or phrase.

1. The Love - I believe these words were motivated by Ian's love for particular people. He saw how happy it made Justin and I that he could say "mom" and "dad" to us, and he worked hard to make others in his life happy by saying their names too. He now says Dia (his sister, Lydia), Bapa (grandpa), Gaga (grandma), Noah (his best friend in 4K), Niki (his EC teacher), Em and Al (aunts Emily and Alyssa). There's still plenty of family and friends to learn - hopefully by next year he will be able to say many more!

2. The Want - There's no better motivator than just plain wanting something. Though whining, pointing, and signing had been working for the most part, Ian has learned to say the words that can express what he really wants. I believe the first one was "Bobby", which is shorthand for SpongeBob. After that he said "iPad" and "DS" (as in Nintendo DS) - his two most-requested objects. Next, we started working on asking for things with a full sentence, and last week he mastered saying "I want _______" and then signing "please". That was a big break-though.

3. The Mimic - Ian is both lucky and unlucky that his sister is a little jabber-jaw. She started talking early, and once she started, she never stopped. She overtook him in the speech department easily, but the upside is that he is now copying some words she says. If Justin or I leave the room, Lydia usually follows us, yelling "Wait! Mommy! Wait! Daddy!" After a few weeks of her doing this, Ian suddenly said "wait" one night as I was walking out of his room at bedtime. Now he tells me to "wait" almost daily. His words for his grandparents (bapa and gaga) were actually coined by Lydia, and he copied her in saying them.
A brief moment of brother/sister love
4. The Academic - This category is probably the most important - words/sounds Ian is trying really hard to say for school. He can say almost all the letters, (C, L, Q, W, and Z still allude him) and almost all the letter sounds. He can say the numbers one, two, eight, nine, and ten, (the others he still shows on his fingers) and the color white. He still uses Proloquo2go a lot at school, but he's got a lot of these basic speech concepts down, and I just know more will follow.

The best part of all is that Ian is becoming more conversational with his speech. He says "What?" when you say his name, and "I do" or "I do not" when you ask him something. My hands-down favorite though, is "you too". When I drop him off at school in the morning I say "Have a good day" and he says "You too". I say "I love you" and he says "You too. Bye Mommy." It's not the full "I love you" that I've been waiting to hear for almost 5 years, but for now it's close enough, and I cherish it every time he says it.

Here is a little video of him showing off his words:


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  1. Hope the speech progress continues more and more! Way to go, Ian! bTw, I found you through the Love that Max linkup and wanted to invite you to add your blog to my index of special-needs blogs at I think a lot of others will be encouraged by your posts.