Thursday, March 7, 2013

School iPad

Ian got another reason to love school this week. The school board approved an Assisted Technology Request for Ian to have his own personal iPad at school, and it was delivered this week.

He also got a flexible arm that holds the iPad for him and clamps to his wheelchair. It's really great, and he's very proud of it. Now, instead of sharing the teacher's iPad with the rest of the class, Ian has his own just for him that can be programmed for his specific needs. Ian's teachers and therapists are spending a lot of time setting his iPad up for him - downloading all the necessary apps, setting up controls for him, and programming his Proloquo2go speech app so it has everything he needs to be able to say in it. They even put the names and pictures of all of his classmates in it so he can say all of their names!

This iPad will follow Ian from grade to grade as he goes through school. He will be able to use it in school to make writing activities easier, and some day for homework assignments as well. It's a great tool for Ian and I'm so grateful that Ian's teachers suggested this for him, and that the school board approved the funding.

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