Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer of Six

A lot has happened around here since my last post. A LOT. Lydia turned three, and is currently fully immersed in the world of potty training in preparation for preschool in fall. Ian had his sixth birthday and is currently experiencing an explosion in his speech. He also learned how to shush, which has become very annoying to Justin and me. We overturned a speech therapy denial by the state, went through another neuropsych evaluation, and found out that we're expecting another baby!

Ian also started playing baseball for Miracle League, and he is loving it! The field is rubber turf and flat to accommodate kids who walk, wheel, or whatever. Each kid gets a buddy who helps them bat, run the bases, and field the ball. Ian loves to bat, naturally, and cheers for himself all the way to first base while his buddy pushes him. 

Ian after his first game

Besides baseball, Ian is spending his summer in summer school (supportive reading and math), continuing with his outpatient OT, PT, and speech therapy, and doing eight weeks of horseback riding therapy. I meant to fit swimming lessons in there too, but it just didn't happen. Maybe in fall - oh wait, we're having a baby in fall. Maybe next summer!

Health-wise, we've been very lucky over the winter and through the spring. In June, Ian was on an antibiotic for an infected pressure sore on his foot from his AFO, but other than that he hasn't had to go into the doctor for anything besides a routine spina bifida clinic. Not even a UTI - knock on wood that continues! His scoliosis curve remains stable and his bladder/bowel programs are going smoothly at the moment. Life is good, even for a medically complicated kid. I know it can't stay like this forever - sometime in the semi-near future a surgery or an invasive test will become necessary - but we'll deal with that when it comes. 

For now, we're enjoying our summer, and we hope you are enjoying yours as well!